1. Get Your Mind Right!

This is probably the hardest thing you will need to do but I cant state the importance of this enough. You must make up your mind to change your ways and start getting into shape shape!

If you can do this simple thing, I guarantee that you are more than halfway there already!

2. Decide On A Workout

What workout you say? Any workout!

Simply follow a workout that appeals to you and that is something you are able to do based on your current fitness level. (Very important! You dont want to do something like INSANITY if youre like 60lbs over weight!)

Pick a workout. It dont matter if its a home fitness program or something designed by a personal trainer for you. It dont matter if its a 3 day, 4 day or 6 day a week program, just follow one! Do this to the best of your ability.

3. Figure Out Your Calorie Intake

If you are trying to get in shape than learning how much food to eat, or your calorie intake is something that you must know. You have to learn how to eat while working out.

How are you suppose to drop body fat or gain muscle if you have know idea what your body specifically requires?

You must figure out this number. You then divide that number by 5 and youll know how many calories to eat per meal 5 time a day.

Example Calorie needs equals 2000. Divide by 5 equals 400. Eat 5 meals a day of 400 calories.

4. Stop Eating Crap!

No more potato chip, french fries, pizza, soda, cookies, sweets and candy.

Yea, I know its gonna be rough for a while if you are used to eating these kinds of foods but the time will come when enough is enough.

Will you have to give this up forever? Of course not! You just need to limit the amount of the junk you put into your body. Here is a good way of thinking about things. 90% of the foods you eat should be good for you and 10% can be bad for you. A simple 90% to 10% should be just fine.

5. Keep It Up & Let Momentum Take Over

A train needs a tremendous amount of energy to get rolling. It starts ever so slowly and barely even moves. But the engine keeps firing and wheels just keep on turning and before you know it that train becomes an unstoppable force!

This is exactly how you have to think when your trying getting in shape. Sure it starts slow. Sure your diet might not be perfect in the beginning. You might even be terrible at your workout when you first start out.

But what you need to start doing is to start building momentum.

Once you get a good head of steam moving everything that has to do with overall fitness will get easier. Changes will start to take place on your body. Your health will begin to improve. Your clothes will look fantastic on you. Friends and family will look at you in disbelief at your changes.

All this takes place from basically getting started. Just do it, and do it, and do it until things begin to change. Build that momentum and never look back!…

Today is the day I decided it was time to start a new workout.

The workout?

Les Mills Combat.

My wife ordered it about a month ago or so because she like all that kickboxing stuff. I checked out a few of the workouts and thought that they actually looked pretty tough and intense.

See that I had been slacking on my workouts these past few months I told here we should go ahead and commit to the entire 60 day routine. We decided to go with the Ultimate Warrior Schedule which is a 6 day a week routine.

Down below is day 1

As you may or may not already know, I recommend and use the shake meal replacements created by Beachbody & Shakeology. As you may or may not already know, it is a highly nutritious shake that they claim to be the most nutritious meal of the day.  Its a nutritional shake thats become pretty popular amongst people working out to P90X, INSANITY, Brazil Butt Lift, and other Beachbody workout programs.

Just swing on over to their Facebook fanpage and youll see the tens of thousands of likes they have and youll also see a bunch of people ranting and raving about how great it is.

And to some extend, they are right. Ive been drinking it for quite some time and it really is a pretty damn nutritious drink that’s helped to give me some pretty good results. One of my favorite things about it is that it helps make eating right just a little bit easier. Short on time? Blend up one of these shakes and bam! one of your healthy meals is taken care of. Need a quick healthy snack? Blend away with plain old water and your good to go! Very healthy and convenient.

The biggest problem with Shakeology is that, for a whole lot of people, its just too expensive.

I see a lot of people on facebook and forums who want Shakeology free samples. I see a lot of people who kind of just want to try  it before they make the full on commitment to it. I also see a lot of people that claim that Shakeology is just too expensive.

Its for this reason that I want share with you guys how I get a bag of Shakeology free every single month. Look, Ill be honest, it does take some time and a little bit of creativity and effort but it can be done. So let me show you how I do it.

Step 1 To Getting Shakeology Free – Use It First!

Dont want to hear that? Well, too bad. You are going to have to use the product and actually see if its something youre going to like and also give you results. This is exactly what I did, and since I knew I was going to have to pay for it in the very beginning I figured why pay the full retail price?

I signed up as a Beachbody Coach. And no, I did not sign up to promote the business or make a million dollars, but to simply get the 25% off of the product. I also signed up as a Beachbody Coach for just in case I did like using Shakeology, I could then recommend or promote it and make some commissions from it. I was sort of looking ahead into the near future and setting things up.

The next step is to actually workout and start using it! Isnt that the whole reason you wanted Shakeology in the first place? Didnt you want to see what type of results you can get to go along with the workout you are doing?

Well, you better get busy and start using and getting those results (If you work hard and use the Shakeology I promise you that you will!) because that will be the biggest key to getting your Shakeology at zero cost.

Step 2 To Getting Shakeology Free Start Telling People Your Success Story

Now when I say to go out and tell people about your success story with Shakeology and your workout, do I mean to get out there and tell your mom? Do I mean to start telling your cousin thats never worked out about your new workout and nutrition plan? How about your friends and co-workers? Short answerNO!

Dont start bugging friends and family about Shakeology and how youve been working out and getting in shape. Most people, including friends and family just dont want to hear it. You see, most people are simply caught up in their own little life, going to work, paying their bills, watching their TV shows, or just pretty much doing their own little thing. Sometimes working out and eating right simply isnt their top priority. The last thing anybody wants is someone (even loving friends or relatives) shoving a new workout or new shake down their throat. Theyll come to that decision in their own time. My adviceonly recommend it if they ask you first after seeing your results.

You see, your main objective here is to share your success story with those who are already seeking to change their fitness level and lose some weight. So, how do go abouts finding those people? Simple They are all over the wonderful world of the Internet!

Every single day, a brand new person wants to start losing weight or start getting in shape. Right now, right this very second, someone just looked up how to lose weight online. The key is finding those people and showing them how you have been doing it with the use of Shakeology. So how do you do that? Simplewith YouTube.

Step 3 To Getting Shakeology Free Create & Upload YouTube Videos

Lets think back to the success of all those home fitness programs infomercials. Why are they so successful? We never really think about it but its real people sharing real sories that appeal so much to us.

Go to your TV right now. No, I mean it. Go turn on your TV and find an infomercial for a fitness program, Im sure one is on right now. Pay attention and youll notice something. Most of the time it will be showing a real person talking about their success story with that particular fitness program. Watch long enough and youll notice that 90% of that infomercial is nothing but people sharing their story.

You see, these big companies know what sells, and what sells is peoples stories. The reason is because we can relate to people and their particular situations. A busy mom with kids trying to lose weight, a guy in his mid 30s thats getting back in shape, someone thats 50lbs over weight and is able to lose it. People we can relate to with their struggles and how they overcome themits these types of stories that appeal to us. Its why we sit there for over 30 minutes and watch these things.

You need to do the same thing. With video cameras becoming so easily available these days, like on phones and others you can get for under $50, this should be pretty easy. If you are camera shy or feel uncomfortable doing this, guess what? You better just keep paying for your Shakeology because its going to be hard sharing your success story if you are too shy to do so. You see, by you creating and uploading your own videos onto youtube you are, in a way, sharing your story of success and, in a way, creating your own little infomercial. People that are looking to lose weight or get and shape will find you and will want to know how you are doing it.

The key here is to try to be creative and unique when you create your youtube videos. How so? For example, if I were a stay at home mom that was 30lbs overweight and was working out with Insanity I would create and title some of my videos something like Overweight Stay At Home Mom Attempts Insanity or maybe something like Busy Mom Does Insanity While Juggling Two Kids.  You see, you need to create catchy or clever titles so that people will want to watch your videos.

As for the video itself, you can record a few seconds of you struggling with a certain workout move or maybe a video of you talking about your workout after you are all covered in sweat from doing it. Maybe you can create a video of a healthy meal youve learned how to make or show people how much progress youve made after 30 or 60 days. The possibilities are endless! Here, let me show you an example of one created thats got me quite a few views


The key here is to start getting some views. So whats the point of getting all of those view? Great question which leads me to step number 4.

Step 4 To Getting Shakeology Free Create A Simple Blog

Creating a blog is easy and free. You can make one with I recommend WordPress personally but its completely up to you. You can even upgrade it in the future and add your own domain name, but lets not worry about that right now. Our main focus is to start getting your Shakeology free every month.

On your blog start writing and putting up some of the videos you have made about your journey with your workout and Shakeology. Now, what should you write about on this blog? How about all the things that youve been learning about eating right how your workouts have been going, things that you have learned about fitness and health, new recipes that youve discovered, your before and after pictures of your transformation, and other things like that.

What you have to do is to be sincere and honest. Give your honest opinion about struggles and successes.  It is on this site that you will begin to recommend Shakeology to others. You will sprinkle in how Shakeology has helped out with the nutrition part of this whole thing for you. You dont just go out and tell them Buy Shakeology! you try to simply recommend it by sharing how its helped you. Later on you can can put up a banner ads or create a section on your blog with products you recommend and use. Kind of how I have on the right side of this page.

One of my greatest ways of getting people to try Shakeology is to let Beachbody do all the work for me.

How do I do this? All I do is to get them to sign up for a FREE Beachbody account and then have Beachbody email them product information, upcoming news about Shakeology, other peoples success stories, and all sorts of things like that. Beachbody will do all that wonderful marketing for you! How cool is that?

Getting them to sign up is pretty easy. Simply show them how you can calculate your calorie intake with the Beachbody tools once you sign up with a free account. Create a link where they can sign up and thats all there is two it.

Here is an example of how I do it


How do you get people to actually visit your blog?

This is where all those youtube videos come in. To get people to visit your blog from your youtube videos, all you have to do is to create a link from your videos to your blog. How is this done? Easy. You put it in the description box. For example if you view the video above on youtube, in the description box will be a link that looks like this http://www.izzyfitnesstips.com. That exact link will be highlighted and made easy to click on. That spot is where you need to put you blog address so people can click onto it and find you. Check out the image below

Step 5 To Getting Shakeology Free Rinse & Repeat

It will take some time for you to start seeing anybody actually buy Shakeology from your recommendations so that you get paid commissions. The key to it all of this is being consistent and repeating the process over and over again.

Its going to take you quite a bit of time to actually start seeing results from your workouts and using Shakeology anyways, so why not document the entire process and make a little profit from it?

Keep creating videos. Keep creating links back to your blog or website. Keep writing short but informative articles.

Look, Ill be honest. It does take some patience but in the end it will be worth it. With so many people struggling economically, why would they not want to try to find a way to supplement their income or at least make enough to cover the cost of their own Shakeology order? With the steps outlined above it can be done.

As for myself, it took about 6 months before I actually started earning some money to cover the cost of my own Shakeology order. It will start slowly but will begin to pick up.

I now look up my Beachbody account and very often see around 4 to 6 orders of Shakeology being processed every month. This makes me enough commission to buy 2 bags of Shakeology if I wanted. I even make commissions on people ordering a fitness program, ordering other supplements, or just buying anything from Beachbody in general. I even started generate a good little chunk of money just from my youtube videos through  that I never thought Id get! I never would have thought Id make enough just from that to more than cover the cost of my Shakeology.

Now Im not getting rich with this whole thing by any stretch of the imagination. Im a pretty busy guy with my own little towel cleaning business. My whole intention was to recommend enough Shakeology to help offset the cost of my own. With a little work I have done that and then some.

I know, with a little time and work, the same can be done for you.…

This crudely put together picture I made describes something that I have always had a stong belief about

And that is this

A huge percentage of people, whether they believe it or not, whether they are even aware of it or not, are affected by their surrounding environment.

What do I mean by this and what does this have to do with people who struggle with weight loss?

Well, it has everything to do with it. For a lot of people their environment – the people they associate with, their family, their friends, their work place strongly effects who they are. Their environment works so subtle and so slowly to change who they are that many times people are not even aware that they are being changed.

Ill give you a quick example of how this happens that I once read in a book.

A good, law abiding person is placed into a place with a great deal of crime.

In the beginning he sees the crimes taking place and is completely against it. In fact he stands up against it. Time goes by and still he sees people committing crimes. He then begins to see why people commit those crimes and begins to understand why people do it.

More time goes by and he now just stands by and watches people commit crimes and really doesnt say anything about it. He grows to accept it as a way of life where he now lives.

Enough time goes by and now this person has actually started to take part in committing some of these crimes. He now keeps committing them until he himself finds himself to be a criminal.

A person that struggles with weight loss may need to change their environment.

A person can wakes up one day and be completely positive and motivated to lose weight. However, no matter how positive a person is, no matter how determined they think they are, no matter how hot of a desire they may have, eventually that hot desire will go cold if they still associate with those people that got them to become over weight in the first place.

Its like simple physics.

I can have a burning hot of coffee in my hands. It can be so hot that its actually still boiling in the cup! No matter how hot this cup of coffee is, it will go cold if I place it out in an ice cold day. Sure it may take a few minutes, maybe even several minutes, but that cup of coffee will go cold.

The same thing happens with individuals that struggle to lose weight. They are burning hot with desire to get in shape. They start a workout routine. The start a healthy eating plan. They stay on track for a while.

But, since these people never change their environment (the people and friends they associate with) suddenly their once hot desire begins to cool off. Eventually they skip a workout, eat something they werent suppose to, until the finally go right back to what got them overweight in the first place.

So if youre one of those people that have a hard time losing weight, you might want to pay attention to who you hang out with.…

The program for The Rite of Spring at 100 features the world premiere of RADHE RADHE – Rites of Holi, a new work by Vijay Iyer, one of the most exciting jazz pianists of our time, in collaboration with celebrated flimmaker Prashant Bhargava.

Iyer returns to Memorial Hall for the third time this spring in a Carolina Performing Arts commissioned piece inspired by the Holi festival, which is the Hindu “rite of spring” celebration. It will be performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) and feature a video by Bhargava featuring footage of the Holi festival in Mathura, a town in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Additionally, the program will include works by recent ICE collaborators Tyshawn Sorey and Steve Lehman. ICE is a collective of musicians committed to redefining concert music and bringing together new music and new audiences through collaborations with emerging composers and sound artists.

“… one of the most interesting and vital young pianists in jazz today.”
– Pitchfork (on Vijay Iyer)

“… one of the hottest new-music groups in the country …”
– The Washington Post (on ICE)

Screening: PATANG
with Prashant Bhargava, director
7pm | March 25
Nelson Mandela Auditorium, FedEx Global Education Center

Join us for a screening and conversation with one of our Rite of Spring at 100 artists, director Prashant Bhargava. Following a screening of his film PATANG, he will discuss the inspiration behind the film as well as the process of making RADHE RADHE – Rites of Holi. The new film will make its world premiere the following night at UNC’s Memorial Hall with Vijay Iyer and International Contemporary Ensemble. FREE and open to the public.…