This crudely put together picture I made describes something that I have always had a stong belief about

And that is this

A huge percentage of people, whether they believe it or not, whether they are even aware of it or not, are affected by their surrounding environment.

What do I mean by this and what does this have to do with people who struggle with weight loss?

Well, it has everything to do with it. For a lot of people their environment – the people they associate with, their family, their friends, their work place strongly effects who they are. Their environment works so subtle and so slowly to change who they are that many times people are not even aware that they are being changed.

Ill give you a quick example of how this happens that I once read in a book.

A good, law abiding person is placed into a place with a great deal of crime.

In the beginning he sees the crimes taking place and is completely against it. In fact he stands up against it. Time goes by and still he sees people committing crimes. He then begins to see why people commit those crimes and begins to understand why people do it.

More time goes by and he now just stands by and watches people commit crimes and really doesnt say anything about it. He grows to accept it as a way of life where he now lives.

Enough time goes by and now this person has actually started to take part in committing some of these crimes. He now keeps committing them until he himself finds himself to be a criminal.

A person that struggles with weight loss may need to change their environment.

A person can wakes up one day and be completely positive and motivated to lose weight. However, no matter how positive a person is, no matter how determined they think they are, no matter how hot of a desire they may have, eventually that hot desire will go cold if they still associate with those people that got them to become over weight in the first place.

Its like simple physics.

I can have a burning hot of coffee in my hands. It can be so hot that its actually still boiling in the cup! No matter how hot this cup of coffee is, it will go cold if I place it out in an ice cold day. Sure it may take a few minutes, maybe even several minutes, but that cup of coffee will go cold.

The same thing happens with individuals that struggle to lose weight. They are burning hot with desire to get in shape. They start a workout routine. The start a healthy eating plan. They stay on track for a while.

But, since these people never change their environment (the people and friends they associate with) suddenly their once hot desire begins to cool off. Eventually they skip a workout, eat something they werent suppose to, until the finally go right back to what got them overweight in the first place.

So if youre one of those people that have a hard time losing weight, you might want to pay attention to who you hang out with.…